Notarial Services

The Ghiggia Law Firm assists customers within the framework of conventional notarial activities such as drawing up notarial deeds, sworn statements and/or affidavits, authentication of signatures and/or documents, and provide consultancy in connection with the above. Notarial services are provided particularly in corporate matters such as incorporation, foundations, associations, increases or reductions of capital, reorganisations, amendments to articles of association (by-laws), transformation of companies, mergers, transfer of assets, dissociations, as well as for real property transactions, public testaments / last wills, inheritance contracts and ante- or post-nuptial agreements.

Litigation and Arbitration

The Ghiggia Law Firm assist their customers in matters of private or public law and in forcible collection and bankruptcy proceedings by representing them before the courts or administrative offices of competent jurisdiction at all stages of judicial, arbitration, collection or bankruptcy proceedings and in negotiations toward an out-of-court settlement.

Banking and Finance Law

The Ghiggia Law Firm assists and counsels clients in con­nection with rules and regulations pertaining to and any dealings with banks, insurance companies and brokers, financial companies, securities or other dealers and asset managers.

In this realm the Law Firm lends assistance and con­sultancy in non-judicial or potentially contentious issues as well as in court filings and proceedings.

The Ghiggia Law Firm also provides services in connection with the laws governing investment funds, obtaining authorisa­tions for the management of such funds and the sale of their shares as well as drawing up contractual frameworks and ge­neral terms and conditions.

The Ghiggia Law Firm also assist clients in matters of finance-related criminal law.

Corporate Law

The Ghiggia Law Firm provides legal assistance and counsel in corporate law matters both domestic and foreign.

Our services include assistance in the establishment and management of companies, in the various stages of mergers and acquisitions, in seeking a stock-exchange listing, setting up joint ventures, performing due diligence, reorganisations and the like, as well as drawing up legal opinions in connection with specific issues; the Firm is also equipped to act as an escrow agent.

In addition, The Ghiggia Law Firm also provides consultancy on the generic and specific aspects of business law, such as perfecting amendments to articles or memoranda of association, replacing corporate officers or directors and auditors, increasing or reducing capital and transferring shares or holdings.

Contract Law

The Ghiggia Law Firm provides legal assistance in matters involving domestic and international contracts, such as in the negotiation and drawing up of purchase and sale, consultancy, agency, distribution, services, joint-venture, work contracts, IT, licensing, franchising and other contracts.

Labor Law

The Ghiggia Law Firm lends assistance to its clients in labor law matters and particularly in terms of drawing up employment contracts, personnel rules and regulations, profit-sharing plans, and providing representation in labor-related disputes.

The Ghiggia Law Firm also provides consultancy in matters involving immigration laws and rules, preparation and filing of applications for work and residence permits, as well as in connection with issues arising as a result of merger and acquisition, reorganisation and restructuring activities.

Intellectual Property Law

The Ghiggia Law Firm assists and counsels domestic and international customers in matters concerning the protection of intellectual property rights, such as: assistance in connection with trademark, brand name or similar registrations and protection; drawing up licensing, merchandising, distribution and franchising agreements.

Estate and Tax Planning

We assist our clients in all aspects of both individual and corporate estate planning, providing consultancy regarding last wills and testaments, ante-/postnuptial and inheritance-sharing agreements as well as trusts, foundations and family foundations or other legal structures in Switzerland or abroad.

Our Law Firm is also equipped to act as testamentary executor and trust protector.

In addition we provide assistance in domestic and foreign tax planning, especially by advising on the various tax issues involving business law and on optimising personal and corporate tax situations, domestically and – through accredited local correspondents (attorneys or law firms, tax specialists and business consultants) – in foreign jurisdictions.

Sports Law

The Ghiggia Law Firm lends assistance in situations related to sports law, especially in matters involving sports contracts, image management and related rights, sponsoring, marketing, transfers and litigation or arbitration in this specific field.

Civil Law

The Ghiggia Law Firm provides assistance in all areas of civil law, especially in matters of estate and property rights.